Show Me Your Glory, Week 52: The Least of These


"The one who was wealthy beyond words became poor for our sake. That is why we share with those who are hungry and thirsty. Those who are strangers and naked. Those who are sick and in prison." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Are you are an at-risk goat? Maybe you need to hear this word from Dr. Davis and figure out what way you want to go with your life. Don't delay; this really matters.
1) Describe the scene of judgment in Matthew 25.31-40, i.e., who is present, how are they described, and the setting, context, and environment. Who are the “sheep” and the “goats,” and how are they characterized in the passage?

2) What is the King’s reply…
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"Affirm the truth: the Lord reigns." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Some people are bleakly-hopeful. Others are hopefully-bleak. Some both; some neither. God is sovereignly-sovereign. Oops; spoiler. Take a few minutes and watch the video and check out the questions.
1) Explain the significance of Paul’s doxology in Rom. 11.33: “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!” What is the implication of his unsearchable and inscrutable judgments and ways?

2) Why is it significant that no one knows either the mind or the Lord, has been his counselor, or has…
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"Remember, think, and practice. You are a saint!" Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Watch the video to remember, think about the discussion questions, and practice encouraging others with your thoughts on this message.
1) Who is the great multitude in Rev. 7.9-10, and what do we know of them? What do they cry out regarding the salvation of the LORD (v. 10)?

2) Describe the relationship between the angels, the elders, the four living creatures, and the multitude in the scene of God’s throne room (vv. 11-12). What is their action and their blessing specifically before God (v. 12)?

3) What is the identity of the great,…
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"The triune God, the LORD, is holy. Anything contrary to his holiness is rejected as contrary to his wholeness and goodness." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
How can God be both infinitely Holy and our friend? Watch as Dr. Davis takes on a journey through the Mysterium Tremendum.
1) Explain the significance of Isaiah’s presence before the LORD on his throne in Isaiah 6.1-2. What elements of God’s person are evident from this vision of the LORD’s throne room?

2) Explain the meaning of what Isaiah heard said of the LORD in his vision of the throne room: “And one called to another and said: “Holy, holy,…
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Show Me Your Glory, Week 47: The Love of God


"Receive the love of God. Don't don't fight that love anymore. Yield to that love. Because if you do, as sure as as the sun follows the night so your life will become a channel, a vessel, of that love to others." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
We would love to hear how this message touched your heart. Please leave an encouraging comment.
1) According to John in 1 John chapter 4, why should we love one another (v. 7)?  What does he say regarding those both born from God and those who know God (v. 7)?  What does he say about those who do not love at all (v. 8)?
2) According to John, how…
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Show Me Your Glory, Week 46: The Grace of God


"Grace changes everything. If you can accept the grace of God, it will change your life, change the way you view yourself, change the way you see so-called immoral and disgusting people. It will change you." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
We hope that you enjoy this message from Dr. Davis. After you watch the video, please grace us with your thoughts.
1) What does Paul’s description of we “being dead in trespasses and sins” mean (Eph. 2:1)? In what way do the lost follow the course of this world under Satan’s power (v. 2)?  In what ways do those who don’t know the Lord follow the course of the world, being children of wrath (v. 3)?

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Show Me Your Glory, Week 45: The Mercy of God


"How can I relate to a God of perfect holiness and justice? And yet, he's willing to forgive me. And all he asks is that I acknowledge that I'm weak and needy, in his presence." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
You know you need to hear this. Please share your thoughts on this message.
1) What does the psalmist exhort himself to do in connection to the LORD (Psalm 103:1-2)?  Explain the specific benefits that the psalmist says he should never forget, the benefits that spawn this blessing (vv. 3-5)?

2) List out the truths laid out regarding the Lord’s person and works, specifically in connection to our sins and our iniquities (vv. 6-10).  How…
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Show Me Your Glory, Week 43: The Goodness of God


"I was rescued by the Lord. To be rescued by him is the greatest sign of his goodness in my life." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Explore goodness in this message from Dr. Davis. Testify to the Lord's goodness, and share your thoughts on these discussion questions.
1) Explain the significance of God inviting Moses up to the mountain, just after Moses pleads with God to show to him the glory of God? (Exod. 34:14).  Why do you think God asked him to come alone, and early in the morning? What role do the two tablets play in this visitation?

2) What is the significance of this visitation from the LORD for Moses—explain the weight…
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