Equipping Church Plant Teams:  Creativity Amidst Complexity

The Lord of the Harvest is answering our prayers and calling church planters to enter into communities of poverty to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, make disciples of those who respond to the good news, and gather these believers into new churches.  It’s an encouragement that God is true to Himself desiring that none should be eternally separated from the joy of His Kingdom. 

The harvest field of souls is extremely complex.  The fields that are ripe unto harvest are vast and intermingled with cultures, complex issues that come with poverty, religions antagonistic to Christianity and of course, a Kingdom of Darkness intent of hindering the Gospel and keeping souls shackled in spiritual bondage.  It requires much prayer, creativity, and flexibility from the Evangel Deans who are equipping church plant teams.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit who provides the power, provision and creativity to address these complexities.  Dr. Maurice Mathu Omulubi, is the Apostolic Bishop at City of Truth Churches Worldwide, from Mwamba Kenya and the Director of Refresh Inspired Life International, knows this first hand.

A commissioned Evangel Dean from our 2019 Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training, Dr. Maurice is clear in his vision and understanding of the poor.  Here is a portion of what he wrote in is Vision For Mission paper that is required in our Enlistment process: 

God has chosen the poor who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised to those who love Him. The poor must not just be the objects of benevolence, rather they must be transformed into a dynamic leadership pool for the future of the whole church.

We must make our teaching and training available, accessible and relevant to people, not on the basis of economics or social power but on the basis of their calling by God to serve His people.  So the church must be an agent of the kingdom of God by delivering people from racism, consumerism, political correctness, civil religion, sexism, ethical relativism, violence and corruption.  We must come to the realization that God’s redemption is cosmic in scope.

He had to say this about his Evangel Dean training, “It was exciting going through the Evangel Church Planting Dean Training.  Your passion is so inspiring.  Not only did we get the resources and coaching, but my vision for church planting was reignited in ways only the Holy Spirit can do.  I see multiplied churches being planted in East Africa and beyond patterned on the Apostolic and Great Tradition.” 

At his first Evangel School, which he facilitated (11/25/19) 3 months after his training and commissioning, there were 74 church planters which comprised 19 teams that were equipped, commissioned and released into the harvest in Kenya.  The Spirit of the Lord was speaking to Maurice to continue to press forward with another church plant team training, and facilitated his second Evangel School, Refresh Inspired Life International Evangel School, January 7 – 10, 2020.  Among those who attended the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting were fifteen pastors from the Democratic Republic of Congo who came through the Kyangwali refugee camp in western Uganda.  This brought joy but also complexity to the training as Swahili is the language spoken by these pastors.  They did not understand English or Lunyoro, the language of the locals from the region      in Western Uganda where other churches planters came from for the training.  Some of the locals did not understand English or Swahili. 

It was Dr. Maurice’s first time to be teaching in Swahili in Uganda since he started coming to Uganda many years ago.  The Holy Spirit provided the power, provision and creativity for the 123 church planters comprising 29 teams including the 15 pastors from the D. R. Congo.  In the words of Dr. Maurice, “What a revolutionary movement!”



15 Pastors from the D.R. Congo

The Spirit of the Lord is not intimidated, confused, and hindered by the complexities of the ripe harvest field.  He works in and through his people to expand and advance the Kingdom of God.  Churches are being planted and the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against the sovereign plans of the Lord God Almighty.  

“…not of those who shrink back…” Hebrews 10:39



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