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The Lord of the Harvest is answering our prayers and calling church planters to enter into communities of poverty to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, make disciples of those who respond to the good news, and gather these believers into new churches.  It’s an encouragement that God is true to Himself desiring that none should be eternally separated from the joy of His Kingdom. 

The harvest field of souls is extremely complex.  The fields that are ripe unto harvest are vast and intermingled with cultures, complex issues that come with poverty, religions antagonistic to Christianity and of course, a Kingdom of Darkness intent of hindering the Gospel and keeping souls shackled in spiritual bondage.  It requires much prayer, creativity, and flexibility from the Evangel Deans who are equipping church plant teams.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit who provides the power, provision and creativity to address these complexities.  Dr. Maurice Mathu Omulubi, is the Apostolic Bishop at City of

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