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Maintaining Your Zeal During Covid-19

“Could you bring me some half and half,” read my text to Susan who was in our fourth-floor apartment in the World Impact Centre.  I was quarantined in my office on the third floor and the powdered creamer wasn’t “doing it” anymore for my K-cup coffee.  Our son, Chase, had some mild symptoms of the flu last week, so I picked him up at college to bring him home.  Thus, the quarantine in my office, which also became my bedroom.  Covid-19 and all that comes with it, is now the norm, i.e., quarantines, “shelter-in-place”, etc.  So, in this new “norm”, how does the Church stay clear, focused and zealous for the Kingdom?  Three expressions:  Jesus is Lord.  The Gospel.  Souls.

Souls.  By 2050, the United Nations estimates 2.5 billion more people living in our cities.  Combine this with the already 7+ billion and we are talking some staggering numbers living on this “small blue planet.”  Governments will wrestle through all the social implications as our cities grow in numbers.  We see this ev

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