Show Me Your Glory, Week 25: God Has Fixed a Day

"May you trust our God to lead you today, and all the way home, to that day." -Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
After you watch the video, come back and share your answers to these discussion questions:
1) How does the Acts 17 text describe God as our creator and the source of our lives?  How does the text explain humankind’s dependence on God and how he sustains all human life?
2) How does Paul explain to his hearers that God is the very life and source of us all �(Acts 17.27-28)?  Explain Paul’s explanation of Greek poetry, “In him we live and move,” and “we are indeed his offspring” v. 28.
3) Summarize the phrase and concept that God has fixed a day to judge us all through Christ.  Why can we say that God’s divine being is not determined by human imagination, v. 29?  What does it mean to say that God commands all people everywhere to repent, v. 30?
4) How should we interpret the notion that God has actually fixed the very day when judgment of humankind will occur?  How does Jesus’ resurrection assure us of the certainty of this prophecy?
5) “I can be confident of God’s promise to redeem and provide for me because ___________.”
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