"If you have lost, if you are suffering, if you are going through things, if you have experienced difficulty, know for a fact, that God almighty loves you, he knows you. He just simply wants you to cast your care on him." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Take a look at the video, and then challenge yourself with these discussion questions (please share your thoughts).
1) Why should we not be surprised at the “fiery trial” we endure as if “something strange were happening to you” (v. 12)?  What is the connection with our sharing Christ’s sufferings and the glory to come (v. 13)?
2) Explain Peter’s meaning of “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you” (v. 6).  Why is it always wise for the child of God to cast all their anxieties on God (v.7)? 
3) What does it mean to be sober-minded and watchful in the face of the devil’s adversarial stance against believers?  How does Peter describe “our adversary the devil?”  How does he advise us to relate to him? (cf. vv. 9-11)
4) How would you summarize Peter’s overall understanding of the concept of suffering in a Christian’s life? T or F  Is it always necessary for a Christian to comprehend the reasons behind her suffering and affliction to respond properly to it.  Explain.
5) “The lesson I need to learn right now regarding the suffering I have experienced is ______________.”
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