"This God, who makes the sun rise up every day, wants us to seek him and to know him." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Don't just blow by this like it's another cute animal video. Watch the message, and then dig deeper with these questions, forged by the mind of Dr. Davis.
1) How does God reveal his immensity and splendor in Isaiah 40.12?  What has the Lord measured and marked off, and what does Isaiah say about what God has weighed? In contrast, who has measured the Spirit of the Lord, or shown him his counsel (v.13)?
2) What are the implications of knowing that no one has ever given counsel to the Lord, or "taught him the path of justice, and taught him knowledge, and showed him the way of understanding”, v. 14?  What does this suggest about our ability to comprehend him and his ways?
3) To what does God compare the nations relative to the Lord in Isaiah 40.15?  What is the sum total of the weight of the nations on the scales, i.e., how does God describe their significance?
4) Should the fact that God is wholly unknowable to human reason and wisdom alone discourage us from seeking to know him?  How so?  In what specific ways has God made himself known to us?
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