"Worship him who has no beginning and who has no need for anything; who gives life to all." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Check out the video, and share your thoughts on Dr. Davis's pondersome discussion questions.
1) What do you believe was Moses’ motivation in asking God of his name (Exod. 3.13)? Why is knowing God’s name so important in representing him before others?
2) How does God define himself in Exod. 3.14?  What are some implications of God’s self-declared name as “I Am Who I Am?”  Define the meaning of “the self-existence of God.” What does that suggest about his need for things outside of himself?
3) Why is it important to know that the “I Am” is precisely the same God as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Exod. 3.15)?  Why is his acknowledgment that “this is my name forever,” and which is “to be remembered throughout all generations” so key in thinking about God?
4) How should knowing that God alone has life in and of himself affect the way we see ourselves?  Why are all things absolutely dependent on God for their life and thriving?  Explain.
5) “One practical way I can truly “be still and know” that the LORD is God is to _______ _____________________.”
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