Discussion Questions

1) Explain the testimony God gave regarding his people in Ps. 50.7. What role did sacrifices play in their relationship to God—what did God think of them (v. 8)? Why wouldn’t God accept any of their bulls or goats (v. 9)?
2) What statement does God make about “every beast of the forest” and “the cattle on a thousand hills,” v. 10? What does he say about all birds and all that moves in the field (v. 11)? What does God say about his “hunger” and to whom he would go, being found in that condition (v. 12)?
3) Summarize God’s command to his people in light of his supreme authority and power as God (cf. vv. 14). What does he promise to those who acknowledge his supremacy (v. 15)?
4) Why should we be wary of any view of God that makes him weak or in need of defense, help, or counsel? How can we better show our understanding that God is supreme and self-sufficient?
5) “Because God is supreme and enough for me, I can trust him today to help me to ___________.”

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