Show Me Your Glory, Week 35: God's Infinitude

"It strikes me when the Bible says that the heaven of heavens cannot contain him, and yet, he can be born, he can allow himself to be one of us . . . ." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Join us in watching the video and sharing your thoughts on these discussion questions.
1) Solomon began his prayer at the Temple dedication with an affirmation of God’s covenant faithfulness, and the fulfillment of his promise to David (cf. vv. 22-25). How did Solomon describe God’s uniqueness as a covenant-keeping God (see vv. 22-23)?

2) How does Solomon describe God’s faithfulness to David, i.e., how does the building of the Temple represent a promise kept to David (v. 24)?  What does Solomon ask the Lord to continue to do regarding his covenant promise to David (v. 25)?

3) Summarize Solomon’s request for God to complete the fulfillment of his promise to his father David (v. 26). Why is it so important for us to recognize this characteristic of God, his ability and determination to fulfill his word to his own?

4) What rhetorical question did Solomon ask the Lord, in the wake of the Temple’s fresh construction (v. 27a)?  What does it mean that “the heaven of heavens cannot contain you,” (v. 27b)?  Why should this transform our thinking of the Lord’s being and person?

5) “Since God has no limits in his person, the one thing he can fill me up now in my life is ___________.”
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