Discussion Questions
1) What issue did the Israelites have in their thinking about their relationship with God following their exile? How did God reassure them of his faithfulness to them, and his commitment to keep his promise (v. 6)?
2) What did God say explicitly of himself to the remnant that returned to Jerusalem? What does the word immutable mean? What is the main implication of this for the children of Israel (v. 6b)?
3) Because God does not change, what does he exhort his people to do (v. 7)? What does the history of Israel reveal about their inability to keep their word to the Lord (v. 7)?
4) Why is it important to recognize that God’s immutability is not merely an abstract idea but a living principle that every disciple must embrace and practice? Explain.
5) “Because God does not change, I need to really count on him to ___________.”

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