Show Me Your Glory, Week 38: The Wisdom of God

Proverbs 2.1-9
Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis

Discussion Questions
1) How are we to receive God’s words and treasure his commandments up in our hearts (Prov. 2.1)? How does one make her ear “attentive to wisdom” and incline “one’s heart to understanding” (Prov. 2.2)? Explain the meaning of “call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding” v. 3.

2) God promises wisdom to those who seek it in an extreme fashion, as if one seeks it like silver and searches for it as for hidden treasures (v. 4). Explain the character of such a search; why does he only respond to such an intense desire on our behalf to know his wisdom.

3) What promise does God give to those who seek his wisdom with such a radical, single-minded way, i.e., what will they understand and what will they find (v. 5)? What specifically is the fear of the LORD and the knowledge of God?

4) How is God described in Proverbs 2.4-8, i.e., what specifically is said regarding his connection to wisdom and truth? Why is God’s wisdom always associated with his goodness and righteousness? Explain.

5) “In order for me to fully live into the truth of God as infinitely wise I am going to have to overcome my tendency to _______________.” I will be able to “trust God in the dark” if I can only ___________.”

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