"The levity and over-familiarity in our churches and in our Christian lives is a real token of our shallowness and our lack of understanding of who he is." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
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1) How does the LORD address his people regarding his ability to be found, and his nearness to them (Isa. 55.6)?   What is God’s advice to the “wicked” and the “unrighteous person” (cf. v. 7a)?  What is the reason God says the wayward person should return to him (v. 7b)?

2) What metaphor does the LORD employ to describe the distance between his thoughts and ways and ours (vv. 8-9)?  How does this metaphor illustrate the gulf between our being and the person and character of God?

3) What insights regarding God’s transcendence do we glean from the comparison of his word to the impact of rain and snow on the earth (vv. 10-11)?  How does his purpose and desire relate to his word and its working in the world?

4) Why is it essential not to treat God and his name as too-familiar, i.e., relating to him as we relate to anyone else?  How should God’s awesome and dreadful person change the ways we address, pray, and serve him day to day?

5) “One sure way I can better acknowledge the Lord’s transcendent and awesome being in my relationship to him is to ___________.”
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