Show Me Your Glory, Week 41: God's Omnipresence


"Cry out to him, walk with him, let him lead you. He will never leave or forsake us." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Right where you are, please take a few minutes and check out this message from Dr. Davis.
1) Explain the significance of God asserting that he has searched and known us (Ps. 139.1).  Why is this important, that God knows our sitting down, our thoughts, our lying down, and all our ways, even the words on our tongue and our life situation (vv. 2-5)?

2) Answer the question of verse 7: Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? What is the significance of God finding us in either heaven or in Sheol (v. 8)? 

3) What is the extent of the Lord’s hand leading us and holding us (vv. 9-10)?  What can we say about the darkness and the light in relation to God’s being and character (vv. 11-12)?

4) Name three implications that asserting that God is everywhere present should have on the way we view ourselves, our conditions, and our futures?  Why is it essential to affirm God’s presence with us during this time of crisis in our nation?

5) “God is here, and because I believe that, I know that I can ___________.”
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