Show Me Your Glory, Week 42: The Faithfulness of God



"Every time the sun comes up I'm reminded of the faithfulness of my God. He is as faithful as the sun." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
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1) Why does Jeremiah ask the Lord to remember his “affliction and my wanderings, the wormwood and the gall” �(v. 19)?  Why ought we to petition the Lord to remember us during our time of trial?

2) What role does memory and remembrance play in our spiritual refreshment or discouragement (v. 20-21)?  Explain the relationship between calling the Lord’s actions to mind and our hope in the midst of distress and pain?

3) How does the acknowledgment of the never ending character of God’s love and mercies help us while we endure trauma, suffering, or deep discouragement (v. 22)?  How does Jeremiah describe the daily character of God’s mercies (v. 23a)?

4) How would you describe Jeremiah’s characterization of God’s faithfulness as “great” (v. 23b)? What does “The LORD is my portion” mean, why does it produce hope in our souls (v. 24)?  Why must we wait upon the LORD during times of trial?

5) “The challenge I have in affirming God’s faithfulness most often occurs when I ___________.   Waiting on him means that I have to learn to ______________. . .”
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