Show Me Your Glory, Week 43: The Goodness of God


"I was rescued by the Lord. To be rescued by him is the greatest sign of his goodness in my life." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Explore goodness in this message from Dr. Davis. Testify to the Lord's goodness, and share your thoughts on these discussion questions.
1) Explain the significance of God inviting Moses up to the mountain, just after Moses pleads with God to show to him the glory of God? (Exod. 34:14).  Why do you think God asked him to come alone, and early in the morning? What role do the two tablets play in this visitation?

2) What is the significance of this visitation from the LORD for Moses—explain the weight of this “private encounter” between the Lord and Moses?
3) How does the Lord describe himself in Exodus 34:5-7.  What is the significance of these words being repeated throughout the Hebrew Bible, nearly verbatim?  How can these help us understand their weight in speaking of the nature of God?

4) Read 2 Cor. 3:12-18.  What was the impact of this visitation upon the face of Moses?  How does Paul explain the greater glory that is available to the one who clings to Christ by faith?

5) Complete the following sentence. “In order for me to truly appreciate the goodness of God, I am going  to have to realize that God _______________________.”
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