Show Me Your Glory, Week 45: The Mercy of God


"How can I relate to a God of perfect holiness and justice? And yet, he's willing to forgive me. And all he asks is that I acknowledge that I'm weak and needy, in his presence." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
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1) What does the psalmist exhort himself to do in connection to the LORD (Psalm 103:1-2)?  Explain the specific benefits that the psalmist says he should never forget, the benefits that spawn this blessing (vv. 3-5)?

2) List out the truths laid out regarding the Lord’s person and works, specifically in connection to our sins and our iniquities (vv. 6-10).  How should this list of truths inform our understanding of who God is and how he relates to his people?

3) Summarize the comparisons in Psalm 103:11-14 regarding God’s love, the removal of our transgressions, his compass-ion, and our frame.  How do these analogies inform us as to the depth, scope, and extent of God’s mercy and grace toward his own?

4) Why do you think people struggle so much with accepting God’s mercy, even though the Bible is so clear that God is merciful?  What do you believe is the central thing one must be convinced of to receive God’s mercy?

5) “In order for me to affirm and be transformed by God’s mercy, the one thing I must admit about myself is that, in connection to God’s mercy, I need to  ____________________.”
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