Show Me Your Glory, Week 46: The Grace of God


"Grace changes everything. If you can accept the grace of God, it will change your life, change the way you view yourself, change the way you see so-called immoral and disgusting people. It will change you." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
We hope that you enjoy this message from Dr. Davis. After you watch the video, please grace us with your thoughts.
1) What does Paul’s description of we “being dead in trespasses and sins” mean (Eph. 2:1)? In what way do the lost follow the course of this world under Satan’s power (v. 2)?  In what ways do those who don’t know the Lord follow the course of the world, being children of wrath (v. 3)?

2) When did the rich mercy and great love move on behalf of us, those who didn’t know or relate to God (v.4)? What does it mean that we were “made alive together” with Christ (v. 5)?  Explain our heavenly position in Christ described in v. 6.

3) What does God promise will occur in the coming ages, what will he show (v. 7)?  Explain precisely how we who believe have been saved, and what is our role in that working (v. 8-9).  What happens to our ability to boast about our salvation (v. 9b)?

4) What is the relationship of God’s grace to the law?  Since we relate to God on the basis of grace alone, how should we therefore live?  List several implications of knowing that God’s grace aligns with his other attributes such as infinitude, eternality, and omnipotence.

5) “The area in my life I need to affirm enthusiastically my belief in the  grace of God is  ___________.” 
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