Show Me Your Glory, Week 47: The Love of God


"Receive the love of God. Don't don't fight that love anymore. Yield to that love. Because if you do, as sure as as the sun follows the night so your life will become a channel, a vessel, of that love to others." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
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1) According to John in 1 John chapter 4, why should we love one another (v. 7)?  What does he say regarding those both born from God and those who know God (v. 7)?  What does he say about those who do not love at all (v. 8)?
2) According to John, how was the love of God made manifest in the world, and what was its effect �(v. 9)? Why is it necessary for us to acknowledge that our love is not the ground of our relationship with God or with others (v. 10)?
3) What is the apostle John’s logic regarding the impact and power of the love of God, i.e., “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” (v. 11)? What is true of the one who loves others, i.e., what does love for others show about the status of a person with God (v. 12)?
4) Name three implications of the truth that our relationship with God does not originate with our own love for God but does produce effects in the way we love him and treat others.  Why is it necessary to see God alone as the source of all love, both for himself or his people?
5) “If I can more understand that God is love, I will be able to better relate to others by ___________.” 
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