"Remember, think, and practice. You are a saint!" Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Watch the video to remember, think about the discussion questions, and practice encouraging others with your thoughts on this message.
1) Who is the great multitude in Rev. 7.9-10, and what do we know of them? What do they cry out regarding the salvation of the LORD (v. 10)?

2) Describe the relationship between the angels, the elders, the four living creatures, and the multitude in the scene of God’s throne room (vv. 11-12). What is their action and their blessing specifically before God (v. 12)?

3) What is the identity of the great, innumerable multitude seen by John in his vision of the throne in Revelation 7? How does one of the elders describe who they are and what their destiny will be (vv. 14-17)?

4) Why is it important for us to remember the saints and affirm our union with them? What do you think is the effect of neglecting the saints in your worship, spiritual formation, and your prayers to God?

5) “In order to affirm my communion with the community of saints I am going to ______.”
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