The Missio Dei

"Don't be afraid. Don't allow the things that you see over the airwaves to break your confidence. Our God is a God of purpose, and he knows what he's doing." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
What is your role in this confusing world? Check out Dr. Davis's message, and then come back and share your thoughts on these discussion questions.
1) Explain the importance of Jesus’ appearance to his disciples on the mountain after his resurrection from the dead in Galilee.  How should we understand their uneven response in meeting him?
2) Why is Jesus’ declaration that all authority is given to him in heaven and earth so crucial to understanding God’s mission?  Why can no valid missionary activity move forward without affirming the lordship of Christ?
3) Summarize the meaning of each of Jesus’ commands in vv. 19-20 (i.e., going, making disciples, baptizing, and teaching).  What is the significance of the mention of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the outworking of the mission of God?
4) How should the promise of Jesus never leaving us while we are going to make disciples impact our ability to engage and persevere in the work of God?  How can we be certain that his presence will always be with us?
5) “The role God has called me to play in his mission is ___________, and the way I can leverage my gifts and experience best to make disciples right now is to . . .”
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