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"Genuine worship offered to the Father must correspond both to his nature and to the truth." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
We have so much good stuff for you today. Check out chapter 3 of A. W. Tozer's classic, The Knowledge of the Holy. Then check out Dr. Davis's message on John 4.19-24. After all of that, come back here and share your thoughts on these discussion questions. We can't wait to hear from you!
1) How did the Samaritan woman pose the question (John 4.19-21) regarding where Samaritans and Jews say we should worship?  How did Jesus answer her, and what are the implications of his answer on those who would argue where we worship is the central factor in approaching God?
2) How did Jesus contrast the Samaritan view versus the Jewish view of where we ought to worship (cf. vv. 22).  What did he promise, however, would happen in an hour that was coming (v. 23)? How do true worshipers worship God, and what does the Father desire from them?
3) Summarize the meaning of Jesus’ teaching
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"This God, who makes the sun rise up every day, wants us to seek him and to know him." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Don't just blow by this like it's another cute animal video. Watch the message, and then dig deeper with these questions, forged by the mind of Dr. Davis.
1) How does God reveal his immensity and splendor in Isaiah 40.12?  What has the Lord measured and marked off, and what does Isaiah say about what God has weighed? In contrast, who has measured the Spirit of the Lord, or shown him his counsel (v.13)?
2) What are the implications of knowing that no one has ever given counsel to the Lord, or "taught him the path of justice, and taught him knowledge, and showed him the way of understanding”, v. 14?  What does this suggest about our ability to comprehend him and his ways?
3) To what does God compare the nations relative to the Lord in Isaiah 40.15?  What is the sum total of the weight of the nations on the scales, i.e., how does God describe their significance?
4) Should
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The Missio Dei

"Don't be afraid. Don't allow the things that you see over the airwaves to break your confidence. Our God is a God of purpose, and he knows what he's doing." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
What is your role in this confusing world? Check out Dr. Davis's message, and then come back and share your thoughts on these discussion questions.
1) Explain the importance of Jesus’ appearance to his disciples on the mountain after his resurrection from the dead in Galilee.  How should we understand their uneven response in meeting him?
2) Why is Jesus’ declaration that all authority is given to him in heaven and earth so crucial to understanding God’s mission?  Why can no valid missionary activity move forward without affirming the lordship of Christ?
3) Summarize the meaning of each of Jesus’ commands in vv. 19-20 (i.e., going, making disciples, baptizing, and teaching).  What is the significance of the mention of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the outworking of the mission of God?
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The Gift and the Gifts of the Spirit

"Embrace what he has given. Be thankful; use it for the service of others in the body." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Thanks for watching the video. Pick a number between 1 and 5, and then share your answer to the corresponding discussion question below.
1) How does Paul consider the subjects of cursing Jesus (on the one hand) and confessing Jesus (on the other) to express one’s relationship to the Holy Spirit.  How does this show that the Spirit is the source of true spirituality?
2) Do you agree with the following statement: “The Holy Spirit offers a variety of gifts, services, and activities to each member of the body, giving any gift he owns to whomever he will.”  What does this suggest about who is eligible to receive the gifts of leadership and service?
3) Summarize Paul’s list of the gifts in 1 Cor. 12.8-11.  Are these gifts representative of others, or the only ones available to us from the Spirit?  Explain.
4) Why is Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit something that e
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"If you have lost, if you are suffering, if you are going through things, if you have experienced difficulty, know for a fact, that God almighty loves you, he knows you. He just simply wants you to cast your care on him." Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
Take a look at the video, and then challenge yourself with these discussion questions (please share your thoughts).
1) Why should we not be surprised at the “fiery trial” we endure as if “something strange were happening to you” (v. 12)?  What is the connection with our sharing Christ’s sufferings and the glory to come (v. 13)?
2) Explain Peter’s meaning of “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you” (v. 6).  Why is it always wise for the child of God to cast all their anxieties on God (v.7)? 
3) What does it mean to be sober-minded and watchful in the face of the devil’s adversarial stance against believers?  How does Peter describe “our adversary the devil?”  How does he advi
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"May you trust our God to lead you today, and all the way home, to that day." -Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
After you watch the video, come back and share your answers to these discussion questions:
1) How does the Acts 17 text describe God as our creator and the source of our lives?  How does the text explain humankind’s dependence on God and how he sustains all human life?
2) How does Paul explain to his hearers that God is the very life and source of us all �(Acts 17.27-28)?  Explain Paul’s explanation of Greek poetry, “In him we live and move,” and “we are indeed his offspring” v. 28.
3) Summarize the phrase and concept that God has fixed a day to judge us all through Christ.  Why can we say that God’s divine being is not determined by human imagination, v. 29?  What does it mean to say that God commands all people everywhere to repent, v. 30?
4) How should we interpret the notion that God has actually fixed the very day when judgment of humankind will occur?  How does Jesus’ r
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The week after Easter was Evangel School training for church planters in Tanzania.  Bishop Charles Sekelwa and the leaders of the CEC denomination gathered 110 church planters for a week of training.

After a week of preparation, training and prayer they were commissioned and sent out.  Some will go as far as 500 miles from Mwanza in unreached areas of the country.  Bibles were printed and each church planter had 20 to take with them for their ministry assignment. 

One year earlier 25 church planters were trained and within three months 15 churches had been planted.  The TUMI seminary of Tanzania is then training the pastors and leaders who will follow to lead these planted churches. 

Bishop Sekelwa wrote "Our commissioning time yesterday was wonderful beyond expectation. People attended by hundreds to witness as the 110 church planters were commissioned. I invited several Bishops and Pastors just to be there and witness what the Lord's doing thru His chosen weak vessels, and we a

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Empowering the Urban Poor

4470649763?profile=RESIZE_710xby Dr. Don Davis

Since our founding more than 40 years ago, World Impact has spoken prophetically regarding God's election of the poor, the benign neglect of the evangelical church of America's inner city poor, and the need for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in unreached urban poor communities. We believe that credible urban mission must demonstrate the Gospel, testifying in both the proclaimed word and concrete action. In light of this, we have emphasized living in the communities we serve, ministering to the needs of the whole person, as well as to the members of the whole urban family. We have sought this witness with a goal to see communities reached and transformed by Christ, believing that those who live in the city and are poor can be empowered to live in the freedom, wholeness, and justice of the Kingdom of God fleshed out in local churches and viable urban church planting movements. All our vision, prayer, and efforts are concentrated on a particular social group

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Maintaining Your Zeal During Covid-19

“Could you bring me some half and half,” read my text to Susan who was in our fourth-floor apartment in the World Impact Centre.  I was quarantined in my office on the third floor and the powdered creamer wasn’t “doing it” anymore for my K-cup coffee.  Our son, Chase, had some mild symptoms of the flu last week, so I picked him up at college to bring him home.  Thus, the quarantine in my office, which also became my bedroom.  Covid-19 and all that comes with it, is now the norm, i.e., quarantines, “shelter-in-place”, etc.  So, in this new “norm”, how does the Church stay clear, focused and zealous for the Kingdom?  Three expressions:  Jesus is Lord.  The Gospel.  Souls.

Souls.  By 2050, the United Nations estimates 2.5 billion more people living in our cities.  Combine this with the already 7+ billion and we are talking some staggering numbers living on this “small blue planet.”  Governments will wrestle through all the social implications as our cities grow in numbers.  We see this ev

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3998680988?profile=RESIZE_710xPlease Don't Adopt the Jehovah Witness Hermeneutic in the Christ-following Church
Don L. Davis

Before we came to Christ and confessed Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, my wife and I studied with a dear couple who were our friends who happened to be Jehovah Witnesses. We studied their various colored books diligently: the "Blue" book and the "Green" books, along with the Awake! and Watchtower magazines, all for the purpose of being grounded in "the truth." After an extended period of "research" and discussion, it became evident to us that the Witnesses were not truly exegeting the Scriptures. They constantly misapplied, misquoted, and falsely contextualized the texts, all informed by a larger hermeneutical principle of common sense-ness. The Witnesses are allergic to biblical mystery; they interpreted away, eclipsed, or misrepresented every classic orthodox doctrine that did not connect with their "common-sense approach to the Scriptures." For instance, they would ask "Does it make s

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1917 - The Message that Saves

By now we have all heard of or seen the trailer for the blockbuster movie, 1917.  The story of two British soldiers in World War I who were selected to deliver an urgent message to a British regiment to stop an attack against the Germans.  If the message is not delivered in time and the British army proceeded with the attack, they would be led into an ambush and 1,600 British soldiers would be massacred.  To make the mission more personal, one of the soldiers to deliver the message, Lance Corporal Blake has a brother in the regiment that is about to be ambushed.  The suspense-filled movie is a race against time through WWI trenches, "no man's land", and enemies, to deliver an important message to save thousands of lives.

To ensure that I don't introduce spoilers for the movie, I won't mention any specifics that would alter the way the story is told.  But it is worth noting that World War I was a devastating war.  Also known as The Great War, because it was so terrible.  It was known at

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The Lord of the Harvest is answering our prayers and calling church planters to enter into communities of poverty to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, make disciples of those who respond to the good news, and gather these believers into new churches.  It’s an encouragement that God is true to Himself desiring that none should be eternally separated from the joy of His Kingdom. 

The harvest field of souls is extremely complex.  The fields that are ripe unto harvest are vast and intermingled with cultures, complex issues that come with poverty, religions antagonistic to Christianity and of course, a Kingdom of Darkness intent of hindering the Gospel and keeping souls shackled in spiritual bondage.  It requires much prayer, creativity, and flexibility from the Evangel Deans who are equipping church plant teams.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit who provides the power, provision and creativity to address these complexities.  Dr. Maurice Mathu Omulubi, is the Apostolic Bishop at City of

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Read Fiction for Christ's Sake

Read Fiction for Christ’s Sake

‘Make the most of the time, because the days are evil’ says Paul to the Ephesian church (5.16). Somehow many of my brothers and sisters have taken this as an injunction against reading fiction. ‘Why would we spend time on something that is essentially a lie?’ says the diligent Christian. Never mind the time that we waste on so many other useless pursuits.

Sadly, this seems to be a case where many Christians use Paul’s words as their excuse for not having read a novel since their senior year of sophomore school. I say ‘No’ to this nonsense. Give me a good novel over a spiritual how-to book every day of the week. The problem with fiction is that it does not tell you what it means. It is dangerously open-ended and vague. It can strike readers in hundreds of different ways.

I am here to say that not only is this a good thing, but it is an essential concept that we need if we are to understand why people interpret the Bible so differently from one another. At

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If God Gave Revival to the City, What Would it Look Like?

If you are a believer, you probably have some idea of what revival looks like, or, at the very least, have longed for an extraordinary move of God to come in your family, church, and city.  Within believing circles, saints and congregations have historically prayed for revival.  Prayer concerts, camp meetings, special services, all night vigils, and seasons of seeking God dot our various church calendars, albeit less than a century ago.  Still, believers long for revival, for a fresh visitation of the Lord, for renewal of faith, for corresponding actions of justice and compassion, and for an abundant harvest of souls.

Often times, though, we associate revival with wild eyed preaching, scary spiritual manifestation, or targeted rants against particular social sins.  Those who do not wish to be associated with fanaticism will steer clear of revival speech, not wanting to be connected to an Elmer Gantry-style outreach of weird peop

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