2019 Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training

Big Idea
Our team will leave this training spiritually, strategically, and tactically ready to train urban church planters using Ripe for Harvest: A Guidebook for Planting Healthy Churches in the City in conjunction with Evangel Church Plant Schools.​

Provide excellent equipping for church plant trainers working among the urban poor through the commissioning of deans certified to run Evangel Church Plant Schools in their own ministry context.​


  1. Provide specialized, sustainable, and reproducible training for church planters​
  2. Equip church plant teams within their ministry context by providing Evangel schools in urban centers across the United States and around the world​
  3. Create a network of skilled trainers who can host schools in multiple locations in the United States and around the world​
  4. Help urban church plant trainers to design their ABC system (Assessment, Boot Camp Training, Coaching)​
  5. Partner with mission agencies, TUMI Satellites, urban church associations, and denominations to host Evangel Schools across the country and around the world​

The Process and End Result
The Spirit of the Living God answered our prayers and met us in a powerful way at the 2019 Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training.  The TUMI Team is humbled and amazed that the Lord of the Harvest would graciously send us church planting movement leaders to host, love, and invest into for the expansion and advancement of His Kingdom among the poor.  You will be encouraged, thrilled, and full of thanks to our God as you read this report on what the Spirit of the Lord did through our united prayers and labors. 

The process towards certification and commissioning of our Deans began months ago.  Potential deans begin with Phase 1, Enlistment.  This phase includes application, Pastor or Spiritual Leader reference, Sign-off on Ancient Future Call, reading World Impacts paper – Ministry Among the Poor, and writing a paper on their Vision for Mission. 

After successful completion of the Enlistment Phase, the applicant can move forward into Phase 2, Basic Training – 6 Readings (books and articles), 1 Video, 4 Written Papers, 10 Team Exercises (we only work with teams of 2 or more)Basic Training is rigorous in design ensuring that our candidates our committed, disciplined and “fit” to enter our Boot Camp – The Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training. 

Upon completion of Enlistment and Basic Training the potential dean will confidently know and be able to represent:

  1. Our Distinctive - Advancing the Kingdom Among the Poor (We expect great things from the poor that they can participate in the Great Commission - evangelize, make disciples, develop leaders, and establish new churches).
  2. Our Theological Confession – The Great Tradition
  3. Our Commitment – The Centrality of the Church
  4. Our Passion - Souls
  5. Our Focus - Church Planting Movements (Rapid Reproduction and Total Surrender)
  6. Our Wisdom – W.R. (Prepare. Work.  Review)
  7. Our Church Plant Way – L.A.N.T. (Prepare. Launch.  Assembly.  Nurture.  Transition.)
  8. Our Lens – The War Motif (Spiritual)

Boot Camp (Phase 3) began Monday August 9th (dinner) and ended Thursday August 22 (lunch).  During this time we focused on developing wisdom, conviction and perspective in church plant teams through:

  1. Plenaries on these five foundations of missions
  2. Foundation 1: Jesus Is Lord.  (Dr. Don Davis)
  3. Foundation 2: Movements (Dr. Don Davis)
  4. Foundation 3: Fit to Represent (Dr. Don Davis)
  5. Foundation 4: The Holy Spirit and Absolute Surrender (Bob Engel)
  6. Foundation 5: The Gospel (Bob Engel)
  7. Devotionals
  8. Prayer The Walkie-Talkie of Faith (Dr. Don Davis)
  9. God is a Warrior (Bob Engel)
  10. Freedom in Christ (Bob Engel)
  11. The Power of Praise (Dr. Don Davis)
  12. Jeopardy – Evangel Dean Review
  13. Dean Exercises - Strategic planning and prayer with the Evangel Dean Teams led by the Evangel Dean Coaches.

We fellowshiped, worshiped, networked, and trained the deans to host their own Evangel School of Urban Church Planting within their context and church planting movement.  Each team developed a vision statement for their city or region which includes the number of schools they hope to run and church plant teams they will equip during the next several years. The teams also completed a six month detailed strategic plan for what needs to happen to get their first school off the ground.

  1. Team #1 – Bengali/Oklahoma (ALPHA)

Our church plant school will spiritually, strategically, and tachtically, find, equip, empower and release indigenous leaders to launch healthy churches among the urban poor.   

  1. Team #2 Bangladesh (CHARLIE)

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and train saints sto plant churches to make a church planting movement in Bangladesh

  1. Team #3 Ghana (BRAVO)

To send the saving presence of Jesus Christ to all unreached areas of Accra/Tema by enrolling and training church planters

  1. Team #4 Arizona (DELTA)

To equip emerging leaders to be firmly grounded in Biblical truth so that they may impact the world through their service to humanity

  1. Team #5 Riverside, CA (FOXTROT)

To equip and provide all the tools to future servers and coaches that are willing to work planting churches using their own missionaries or TUMI graduates.

  1. Team #6 Nairobi (GOLF)

Create a movement of church planters to reach out to the unreached communities of Kenya.

  1. Team #7 LINC Houston (HOTEL)

Our vision is a city restored by faith communities working together to see the truth of the Gospel proclaimed through a collaborative church planting movement that engages, equips and empowers local leaders to impact their communities bringing peace, justice and equality in every community and ethnic group in the Greater Houston area by 2025. 

  1. Team #8 World Impact West (INDIA)

That Kingdom Life Evangel School would impact the High Desert by facilitating the training of 9-15 church plant teams over a three year period resulting in 75% planting a church.



Twenty-one Deans, representing eight different “dean teams” were certified and commissioned for the glory of God to equip and charter church planters from and for the urban poor using, Ripe for Harvest:  A Guidebook for Planting Healthy Churches in the City.  Our projected combined outcomes for the next year from the Class of 2019 Evangel Dean School is:

  1. 10+ Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting hosted
  2. 230+ Church plant teams Chartered to establish a new church among the urban poor. The 3 year total is 1,200.
  3. 230+ new church plants leveraging TUMI resources
  4. The Evangel Network ( A Network for Church Planting Movements) growing.


Denominations Represented

  1. Ghana Baptist Convention
  2. Church of God in Christ
  3. Southern Baptist Convention
  4. Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
  5. Evangelical Alliance

Ministries Represented

  1. Two Independent movements
  2. Maqor Ministries (Kenya)

Teams, Leaders and Evangel Dean Coaches

Team #1 – Bengali/Oklahoma (ALPHA) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Andy and David
- Dean:  Alfred Biplob Biswas
- Dean:  Jason Munshi
- Dean:  Joseph Biswas

Team #2  Bangladesh (CHARLIE) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Andy and David
- Dean:  Bony Baroi
- Dean:  Martin Biswas

Team #3 Ghana (BRAVO) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Ted & Jordan
- Dean:  Yaw Owusu Achampong
- Dean:  *Mr. Yakubu Seidu (On-line)

Team #4 Arizona (DELTA) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Ted and Jordan
- Dean: Aaron Dailey  
- Dean:  Jason Turner

Team #5 Riverside, CA (FOXTROT) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Luke and David
- Dean:  David Hernandez
- Dean:  Ruben Barron

Team #6 Nairobi (GOLF) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Ted and Jordan
- Dean:  Maurice Mathu
- Dean:  Boaz Masinde

Team #7 LINC Houston (HOTEL)

Evangel Dean Coaches:  David and Jordan
- Dean:  Lonnie Gonzales
- Dean:  Perla Rodriguez
- Dean:  Brian Banke

Team #8 World Impact West (INDIA) 

Evangel Dean Coaches:  Ted and Jordan
- Dean:  Peter Watts
- Dean:  Sharon Browatzke
- Dean:  Bernard Emerson
- Dean:  Chad Wolyn
- Dean:  Rich Esselstrom
- Dean:  Harold Hines  

TUMI Resources Deans Received

  1. The Evangel Dean Handbook: Developing Wisdom, Conviction and Perspective in Church Plant Teams
  2. Ripe for Harvest: A Guidebook for Planting Healthy Urban Churches
  3. Planting Churches Among the Cities Poor: An Anthology of Urban Church Planting Resources, Volumns 1 and 2
  4. Sacred Roots: A Primer on Retrieving the Great Tradition
  5. Fit To Represent: Vision For Discipleship Seminar
  6. Fight The Good Fight of Faith: Playing Your Part In God’s Unfolding Drama
  7. Front Matters: Prerequiste Readings for the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting
  8. Get Your Pretense On! Living as a Citizen and Ambassador of the Kingdom of God
  9. Church Planters Tool Kit
  10. Becoming Like Your Teacher: Developing Effective Church Planting Apprenticeships booklet
  11. The Evangel Network: That None Should Perish booklet
  12. Key Principles and Tools for Evangel Field Coaches and Assessor Coaches
  13. Music CD’s
  14. TUMI Posters
  15. Evangel Dean Shirt
  16. Evangel Resource Pack
  • 34 videos covering the devotionals, session seminars, team exercises, instructions and objectives of each stage of the church planting process
  • 42 separate PowerPoint presentations, along with all necessary intro, announcement, and event slides
  • Multiple graphics for resources (including 3 different shirt options)
  • Editable templates to be used for name tags, registration, sessions, etc.
  • Praise and Worship Songs informed by the City for Mission (Mp3s, leadsheets, and .txt files provided)
  • Project templates to make designing and planning your event smooth and effective (including project task chart, etc.)

Please look at our webpage, www.tumievents.org, for pictures, vision statements, and other happenings. 


  1. President and C.E.O., Reverend Dr. Sanders, gave an encouraging word to open the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training.
  2. Evangel Dean Coaches. Coaching at the Evangel Dean School has always been in place but we strengthened this commitment by commissioning four Evangel Dean Coaches to coach our Evangel Dean Teams, Pre Boot Camp, at Boot Camp and Post Boot Camp.  This strengthening of our investment into Dean teams has already produced better preparation of the Dean Teams as they enter Boot Camp.  Our Evangel Dean Coaches are all World Impact Mobilization Staff – David Estrada, Ted Smith, Jordan King and Luke Raughley.  Andy Entz was the sub for Luke at Boot Camp. 
  3. Fifteen individuals were denied their Visa application and/or were unable to cover the financial cost (airfare). Given the urgency of the need to reach the lost from every people group, we have implemented online Dean Certification for all three phases – Enlistment, Basic Training and Boot Camp.  We will be fully online beginng in early September.  One team from Florida has already registered.     


Pastor Murice Omulubi - Coordinator, TUMI-Nairobi; Apostolic Overseer, City of Truth Churches Worldwide (East Africa); Director, Refresh Inspired Life International (R.I.L.I.). 

“It was exciting going through the Evangel Church Planting Dean Training.  Your passion is so inspiring.  Not only did we get the resources and coaching, but my vision for church planting was reignited in ways only the Holy Spirit can do.  I see multiplied churches being planted in East Africa and beyond patterned on the Apostolic and Great Tradition.” 

Concluding Remarks

During the entire Evangel Dean School, we posted the World Population Clock on a large screen.  The website is a “real time” counter that shows the net gain (births minus deaths) projected every second.  We are adding over 200,000 people to this planet every day, or over 140 people every minute. That equals over 82 million more people every year, about the same as the combined populations of California and Canada.  That would be planting a church or two every minute just to keep up with the net population growth.  How do we keep up with this growth?  Multiplying laborers specifically for the harvest.  The Lord desires that none should perish.  How will they know unless they are sent?  The Evangel Dean School partners with the Lord of the Harvest through the person of the Holy Spirit to identify, equip, and commission certified Evangel Deans.

The Evangel Dean School of Urban Church Planting provides a tool for urban churches, denominations, and mission agencies to host a contextualized church plant school in their city or region for those God has called to plant healthy, multiplying churches among the urban poor.   Through prayer and the Spirits leading our Certified Deans, along with their Coaches, guide the team through a strategic planning time specifically designed for the team to confidently move forward and take back souls, disciple new converts, raise up local leaders and plant the flag of the Kingdom by establishing a new church.      

We rejoice in the good fruit that came out of the 2019 Evangel Dean School and anticipate their obedience to the vision and goals that the Spirit placed upon their hearts BUT there is much more work to be done if the Lord tarries.  We are committed to equipping tens-of-thousands of Evangel Deans who will then equip hundreds-of-thousands of church planters for and from the urban poor to go and, “Proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to every people group” making disciples and planting new churches as they go.  J. Oswald Sanders said, “The frontiers of the Kingdom of God were never advanced by men and women of caution”   

Thank you for your prayers.  We continue to seek those prayers and support as we faithfully labor in our World Impact mission and vision.   


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