Evangel is our call for fierce, hungry, and committed church planters to moilize to strategically engage the unreached neighborhoods in the cities of American and the world. We intend to train qualified spiritual laborers who will respond to our Lord and boldy go to the hardest, toughest, and most unyielding places to proclaim the name of Jesus and establish a community of the Kingdom within them. We are recruiting folk with the dedication of a John Knox who wanted Scotland or death; we need men and women with that heart -- "Lord, give me this neighborhood, or I will die." Such devotion is estreme and costly and will requie that we die to our methods, strength, and ideas, as the adage says, "Grace is absolutely free, but it will cost you everything."

We are looking for those whose hearts are on fire, who stir themselves up in their most holy faith, who are afraid of nothing but God, and willing to sacrifices anything but their dignity and honor in Christ. This movement was forged in the fire of passion for Christ, a burden for souls, and confidence in the power of God to save and transform. This longing, this pining must become the fule of our movement. We hope to engage the lost, equip the called, and seek the banner of Christ raised in places formerly counted as the domains of darkness. The resurrection of Christ guarantees that fruit will be borne, in his name and for his glory.

Millions still languish in despair and misery without a knowledge of Christ, and we believe that we are still the stewards of mysteries of God, armed with the Gospel that can set them free. Join Evangel and help us discover new methods, models, and means to get this word of life to the broken and battered communities of the cities of America and the world as quickly, coherently, and persuasively as possisble. God formed this network for such a time as this. United, we can make a difference for the Kingdom.