3545447422?profile=RESIZE_710xYou can multiply disciples and develop leaders by starting a training center in your church, parachurch, prison, or denomination. As a TUMI satellite, you maintain your own identity and independence, while taking advantage of our curricula, administrative tools, and experience. You also join a network of other partner ministries who have similar aims, providing you with fellowship, support and ideas. We provide each satellite with excellent and affordable theological resources so you can create your own training program that suits your ministry situation.

A satellite is a partner ministry, whether located in a church, Christian organization, prison, or mission that affirms our statement of faith and resonates with our purpose to plant as many evangelical churches as possible among the inner city’s unreached poor. As an evangelical ministry dedicated to teaching the Word of God, we want to find other churches and Christian organizations who share our belief in its power to transform, and partner with them to equip others to minister the Word effectively wherever God leads them. Our Satellite network consists of churches and denominations, ministries and orgainzations, prisons and jails, and international sites.

Please refer to the "Articles, Photos, and Videos" in this section for the latest satellite stats or highlights of TUMI training and graduations around the world. 

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