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The Attributes of God Series

Following the theme "Show Me Your Glory," a title which alludes to the onset of Israel's wilderness journeys where Moses asked to see God's glory, we are excited to include in the teaching during The Season After Pentecost, the reading of a devotional classic "The Knowledge of the Holy" to shape our reflections and reactions as we walk together.

Tozer's work is a brilliant theological devotional on the attributes of God, designed for spiritual formation and blessing. His insights into the nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has proven to be a remarkably enriching treatise for all who have discovered it. Using the outline of Tozer's devotional classic as the thematic center for our refletions, homilies, and discussions, we hope to be greatly inspired and blessed as we take extended time to ponder the majestic attributes of our Triune God! Below is the outline for our study on The Attributes of God, in the order it is taught. 

The following link will take you to a YouTube playlist of the complete theme teachings on "Show Me Your Glory", with "The Attributes of God" teachings starting in the Season After Pentecost at Week 24: 

Also included with the many of the teachings, you will find a link to a song we produced that focuses on the attribute of God we are looking at together.

1. God Incomprehensible, Isaiah 40.12-15
2. A Divine Attribute, John 4.19-24
3. The Holy Trinity, 2 Cor. 13.11-13
4. The Self-Existence of God, Exodus 3.13-15
5. The Self-Sufficiency of God, Psalm 50.7-15
6. The Eternity of God, Psalm 90.1-6
7. God’s Infinitude, 1 Kings 8.22-27
8. The Immutability of God, Malachi 3.6-7
9. The Divine Omniscience, Isa. 40.28-31  |  Known
10. The Wisdom of God, Prov. 2.1-9  |  What a Wonderful God You Are
11. The Omnipotence of God, Psalm 62.8-12  |  King of My Heart
12. The Divine Transcendence, Isa. 55.6-11  |  No One Else But You
13. God’s Omnipresence, Jer. 23.23-32  |  In His Presence
14. The Faithfulness of God, Lamentations 3.19-26
15. The Goodness of God, Exodus 34.1-8
16. The Justice of God, Deut. 32.1-4
17. The Mercy of God, Psalm 103.1-14
18. The Grace of God, Eph. 2.1-10
19. The Love of God, 1 John 4.7-12
20. The Holiness of God, Isa 6.1-7
21. The Sovereignty of God, Rom. 11.33-36
22. The Open Secret, John 17.1-3

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The Gospel and the Harvest Video Series

We’ve entitled this series Words of Life and hope to take a deep spiritual and intellectual dive into the premiere New Testament passages on the nature of the Gospel and its implications for the lost. This series consists of direct teachings from texts in the Bible on the Gospel. There are 22 separate teachings, 7-10 minutes in length of video with powerrpoint, dealing with a particular issue followed by discussion questions. This teaching represents the “Who’s Who” texts in the New Testament on the transforming power of the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you want to become better acquainted with and grounded in the images, stories, metaphors, and statements of the Gospel and inspired by the matchless power of Christ, join us.


The following link will take you to a playlist of these teachings on youtube:
Or, to download these videos, please visit:

This remarkable listing of New Testament passages on the Gospel promises to teach us much regarding the treasure of the Gospel message, and the wonderful privilege we have in both embodying and declaring that message in our lives and words with the lost around us. Below is the outline for our study of the Words of Life, in the order it is taught, with a brief description:

1. Words of Life, Intro, John 5.19-24
2. The Gospel Is the Power of God, Romans 1.16-17
3. Making Disciples of All Nations, Matthew 28.16-20
4. The Harvest Is Plentiful, the Laborers Few, Matthew 9.35-38
5. One Mediator between God and Humankind, 1 Timothy 2.3-7
6. God Has Made Him Both Lord and Christ, Acts 2.29-36
7. The Gospel in Which You Stand, 1 Corinthians 15.1-11
8. The Mystery of Godliness, 1 Timothy 3.14-16
9. Heirs of Eternal Life, Titus 3.3-7
10. For God So Loved the World, John 3.15-21
11. Ransomed with the Precious Blood of Christ, 1 Peter 1.17-21
12. The One Appointed to Judge the Living and the Dead, Acts 10.34-43
13. The Light of the Gospel, 2 Corinthians 4.1-6
14. Our Great High Priest, Hebrews 4.14-16
15. The Righteousness of God through Faith, Romans 3.21-26
16. Contend for the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints, Jude 3-4
17. Death in Adam, Life in Jesus, Romans 5.12-21
18. The Mystery of the Gospel Revealed, Ephesians 3.1-3
19. The Grace of God Has Appeared, Titus 2.11-14
20. Live Worthy of the Gospel, Philippians 1.27-30
21. Proclaiming the Message of Reconciliation, 2 Corinthians 5.16-21
22. That We Might Live through Him, 1 John 4.7-14

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So you read Dr. Davis' Sacred Roots and you are wondering, "Are there more books about this?" Guard the Good Deposit is a practical guide based on Sacred Roots that explores some of the everyday questions and issues related to retrieving the Great Tradition. 

Does retrieving the Great Tradition make us Catholic? Does it go against Scripture? Does it restrain the Holy Spirit? If you have questions like these, Guard the Good Deposit will help address them so you can see that retrieving that the Great Tradition empowers the whole church to represent Christ with freedom and faithfulness.

This short video summarizes this resource and how it can help you know the foundation of our faith:

You can purchase this resource: Guard the Good Deposit: The Great Tradition for the Whole Church

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The world's poor are largely oral, visual, and story-oriented. The Bible Blossom is a visual Bible for these kind of cultures. We have assembled dozens of beautiful images in a way that links the stories of the Bible together. The whole story is connected to show that the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom is the cord binding all of Scripture together.  We believe that The Bible Blossom will be an amazing blessing to whole church. 

Are picture Bibles just for kids? Do we ever outgrow stories? No and No! The Bible Blossom is a visual Bible for everyone, every age, everywhere. When you add up all its parts, the Bible is a wonderful story full of images and drama. Our goal in The Bible Blossom is to tell this grand story of Christ and his Kingdom so the whole world can see that Jesus is Lord!


For more information, or to access a free storybook, or purchase the storybook or storyteller's handbook: Bible Blossom

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In a culturally diverse and increasingly neo-pagan religious context, the effective pastor and Christian worker must strive to become proficient in the truths and practices associated with making disciples in the 21st century. This Foundations for Ministry Series course will help equip you to minister effectively in the complex realities of the modern city.

Click the image above to visit for more information!

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TUMI Productions on Bandcamp

Our desire is that the Lord Jesus Christ be worshiped and glorified. We seek to create songs for the urban church to sing, to worship our Lord with us, and that will help believers know and love him more. Please visit TUMI Productions on Bandcamp to hear and learn songs for worship for your church or ministry.

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TUMI Resource: A Compelling Testimony

We all practice and teach spiritual disciplines. Did you know that Dr. Davis taught a course on the spiritual life with a focus on the disciplines? A Compelling Testimony gives a fantastic overview of the the spiritual disciplines that is sure to enrich both your ministry and your own discipleship.

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The Bible Blossom was created to equip believers to tell the Story of God in Jesus Christ. It is a visual bible for the millions of believers whose cultures are oral and story-oriented (which is the case with virtually everyone in poverty). Dozens of beautiful images are assembled in a way that links the stories of the Bible together. The whole story is connected to show that the Gospel of Christ and his Kingdom is the cord binding all of Scripture together. We have also created a Storyteller’s Handbook keyed to The Bible Blossom that orients storytellers to the settings, characters, themes, and plots connected with the images.

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TUMI Productions: The Journey

Listen to one of our newest releases from last year entitled The Journey - an instrumental album produced by Bobby Gilmer/TUMI Productions.  All of our TUMI Productions releases are available for free download by visiting our TUMI Productions Bandcamp.  We have more releases scheduled for this summer - follow us for more information!

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TUMI Resource: Ripe for Harvest

For more than forty years, World Impact has been dedicated to honoring and glorifying God and delighting in him among the unchurched urban poor by knowing him and making him known. Our vision is to recruit, empower, and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch indigenous church planting movements. Our Evangel School of Urban Church Planting trains church planters to plant healthy churches among the city’s poor, applying biblical wisdom in order to effectively evangelize, equip, and empower unreached city folk to respond to the love of Christ, and take their place in representing Christ’s Kingdom where they live and work.

This guidebook, the official text of the Evangel School, outlines a process of church planting that respects the unique cultures, environments, communities, and situations reflected in urban America. The PLANT approach outlined provides practically wise and spiritually vital instruction to ensure that urban church planting teams will neither fail nor blunder as they seek to engage needy yet spiritually ripe unreached neighborhoods. Filled with devotionals, seminars, exercises, and worksheets, with dozens of graphics, diagrams, and articles, this rich resource will empower church planting teams to design a strategy consistent with the vision God has given them – the kind of strategy that results in the creation of healthy, Kingdom-declaring churches, and the launch of reproducing church planting movements. Use this handy manual to engage your community with creativity and wisdom, planting the church God called you to plant.

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Our 2018-19 Sacred Roots Annual is entitled The Gospel and the Harvest (cf. Matt. 9.35-38). Its cover displays the vast, ripe harvest contrasted with the few workers gathering it in. During Ordinary Time we will study premiere texts explaining the Good News of hope, and the Church’s challenge to share that with the world. Come, join us as we feast on the truths of the Gospel and the harvest, the message of life given to us all.

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Ever wish you could hear Dr. Davis just teach through a book of the Bible? Using both the biblical text and The Gospel of John movie, Dr. Davis examines the fourth Gospel and shows how it applies to both personal discipleship and Christian ministry.

Click the image above for more information over at!
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